About Us


  • DuraLike.com was conceived to answer today’s market needs. Affordable Social Media Management is no longer the trend these days. Decent Social Media firms are charging hefty amounts for their services,  however phoney ones would charge you low fees with virtually no deliverables at all. Clients are desperate for affordable solutions. Therefore the need for a new creative Social Media and Loyalty concept. By adopting a new consulting model, DuraLike.com finds a niche market for its operation in the UK, EMEA, and even worldwide. We are a team of Social Media consultants and associates working together with common objectives and philosophy. Because we love what we do, we produce excellent results, our clients are happy because we listen and answer their needs and requirements.We may not be able to compete with large Social Media firms in the market, but because good value hasn’t to come at a high price, our business model is sustainable and our clients are happy. The key to our success is passion and dedication!

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