Marketing Automation

  • It is easy to do online marketing, for example to create an e-mail campaign, and send marketing e-mails.

    • However it is not really that easy to create a landing page for each campaign. Another complexity occurs if your marketing team wants to select all the necessary e-mails for a certain campaign ahead of time! Most companies would have a single very long list and use it over and over again, this is not a good practice!
    • Do you have the tools and/or techniques to select the potential customers that are likely to buy your proposed product or service and prioritise clients groups who are likely to engage with your campaign?
    • Are you able to analyse your leads and group them by engagement level and interest in your suggested product or service?
    • Are you able to quantitatively assess your income or ROI on each marketing campaign your run or each marketing program you implement?

If your answer was positive to all the above questions, then you probably understand and are using some proven techniques clustered under the concept of Marketing Automation.

If not you may need our assistance to help you achieve your potentials!

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