• What is the difference between Social Media and Social Networking?

The 2 concepts are slightly overlapping!

    1. Social Media is a method of transmitting, disseminating, and/or sharing information about certain topics with a given audience by using the Internet as a communication protocol. However Social Networking is the act of engaging with such audience. The act of building friendship, relationship, fellowship, interacting with acquaintances and friends is Social Networking. The Act of growing new friends is Social Networking. However the process of communicating using the Internet is achieved via Social Media!
    2. Social Media is a delivery channel with a specific format of delivery: Twitter has a maximum message length of 140 characters for example, this was due to the original limitation imposed on SMS in mobile phones.
    3. When you do Social Networking, you are defacto producing Social Media output/traffic in a given format. However when you produce transmit Social Media output/traffic it is not necessarily that such output is generated by Social Networking processes.
    4. Social Networking is mathematically an Abelian relationship in the sense that it is commutative and associative. However Social Media in general non-Abelian relationship, in the sense that it may be achieved without the need for 2 way communication. In this sense TV, Radio, News Papers are all examples of Social Media but not using the Internet. However with the advent of the Internet Social Media has evolved to be Social Networking for example Interactive TV, TV on Demand, Game Consoles (Sony, Xbox, WII) are all examples of Social Media that evolved into Social Networking when we add the interactive communication enabling 2 or more people to communicate, comment, about a certain subject or even play a game!
    5. ROI in Social Media is difficult to quantify unless we use specially formulated techniques and design special systems to automate the process. ROI in Social Networking it less difficult to quantify, but still there are some real challenges to reach realistic values, and the use of specially designed systems is mandatory to achieve results.
    6. Social Media takes time to be built, and responses need specially designed algorithms to be automated. However Social Networking is easier to build and maintain. Besides you could always request support from your network and contacts such as likes, follows, and comments, and you could easily lead your network to adapt a product or service. However in Social Media you may not want to delve into such activity as it could be classified as influencing the public to gain advantage over the others. However advertising in Social Media play the role of Social Networking when it comes to asking for support about a product or service.
    7. Social Networking is more personal, friendly, and acceptable, if processes were properly designed and implemented, Social Networking can really have positive impact on your business. Social Media, however has a larger scale but slower impact

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