• Our services cover a complete set of well designed solutions to support virtually any business model. Five types of consulting services:
  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Packages
  2. Social Media Management Packages
  3. Social Media ROI (part of our Bespoke Packages)
  4. Client Engagement PsychoAnalysis (part of our Bespoke Packages)
  5. Bespoke

The initial focus is on SME’s. However we do support large institutions with different solutions as well.

Other services (Part of Bespoke Packages):

  1. Social Media ROI
  2. Client Engagement PsychoAnalysis (ClEPA)
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Business Fellowship Management (BFM)
  5. Digital Media Loyalty Programs
  6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  7. Web re-design & design services
  8. Social Media and Web Marketing
  9. Reach Index
  10. Ranking and competitive analysis
  11. Audience Targeting and Segmenting
  12. Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
  13. Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  14. Local Search Domination
  15. SEO Content Development
  16. SEO Audit Services

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